Education and Awareness-Raising for Responsible Tourism

Cheetah Vehicles

The Mara Triangle covers 510 km², about one-third of the total area of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Triangle has two entry points by road: Oloololo Gate in the north and Purungat Bridge in the South. The headquarters as based at Iseiya. “Cheetah Vehicles” are based at these points to encourage proper safari guide and visitor behavior and has vastly improved the maintenance of proper distances between wildlife and tourist vehicles, as well as a significant reduction in crowding around animals such as lions and cheetahs. Our goal is to strengthen the team from three to five vehicles, which could better monitor the whole of the Triangle, improve guide and visitor behaviour, and ultimately, the safari experience.

Reserve Rules in Multiple Languages

At each gate, basic rules for respectful and safe conduct are provided in a range of languages for visitors to ensure a memorable safari experience, and protect the wildlife and habitats of the Mara Triangle.

Responsible Guiding

We are extremely grateful for the support from Tribal Voice Communications and their annual workshops and Born Free Most Responsible Safari Guide Competition, which aim to further upgrade guiding standards in the Triangle through “Responsible Wildlife Viewing Etiquette” workshops. These trainings have reduced the negative impacts of game drives on habitat and wildlife, as well as increased visitor satisfaction and enjoyment of their safari. Mara Conservancy thanks all of the resident drivers who participated at the workshops.