FAQ – Conservation Fees

New Conservation Fee

There is no difference as they are both entry fees into the Mara Triangle.
The Masai Mara National Reserve is gazetted as a single protected area, although it is actually administered by two different authorities. Fees and by-laws apply to both sides of the Reserve, but there may be slight differences in the interpretation and implementation of the by-laws.
Guests staying at Mara Serena Safari Lodge and Little Governors’ Camp pay “inside park” conservation fees.
Yes. Tickets are valid for both the Mara Triangle and the Narok side of the Reserve.  Please clarify to the staff at the gates your place of stay (i.e. the lodge/camp).
No, there are currently no reciprocal arrangements with adjacent Conservancies. Conversely, anyone staying in one of the Conservancies must purchase a ticket to visit the Mara Triangle.
The ticket is valid for 24 hours only.
Payment Method

Tickets can be purchased in cash (USD or KES) or via a VISA credit card from KAPS or the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) in Nairobi, online with a VISA credit card, or upon arrival in the Mara Triangle from an authorised KAPS employee stationed at Purungat Bridge, Oloololo Gate, the Serena Airstrip or the KAPS Mara office next to Mara Serena. KAPS does not accept travellers’ cheques. Please ensure that you get a valid tickets. 

Explanation of Rates

Citizen Rates require a valid National ID or passport to prove citizenship.
Resident Rates require a passport with a valid work permit or appropriate visa.
Student Rates are only applicable for students aged up to 23 years who are sponsored by a recognised learning institution and show valid student IDs, which must be authorised at least 2 weeks in advance (via Contact Us)

If the required documentation cannot be produced, visitors are required to pay non-resident rates.