Mara Triangle Rules


Rules are intended to ensure that visitors enjoy a superior safari experience without endangering themselves or the wildlife of the Mara Triangle. Please respect the rules and our rangers who are there to protect visitors, the wildlife and the environment.

  1. Please keep to the speed limits: 50 km/hr on graded roads, 30 km/hr all others
  2. Always slow down for animals
  3. Do not off-road in High Use & River Zones*
  4. Keep to graded roads and cut tracks in above zones
  5. Off-roading in Low Use Zone is allowed to view big cats
  6. Always stay more than 25 metres away from the animals
  7. Please, no shouting, clapping, nor cheering
  8. Do not sit nor stand on vehicle’s roof at any time
  9. No more than 5 vehicles at wildlife sightings**
  10. No alighting from vehicles at river crossing points
  11. Do not cross Tanzanian border
  12. Do not chase, follow or harass animals
  13. No littering
  14. Leave park or be in camp/lodge by 7:00pm

* Please refer to our visitor map.
** When there are more than five vehicles waiting to see an animal, viewing time is restricted to 10 minutes. Vehicles waiting to see the sighting must wait at a distance of 100 metres.

If you break any of the above rules, Mara Conservancy rangers have the legal right to:

  • Impose an on-the-spot fine of KSh 10,000
  • Have a vehicle and/or people removed or banned from the park immediately
Violation Category Penalty
Default on payment of Park Entry Fee a) Motor Vehicle = Ksh 2,000 per entry
b) Driver = Ksh 2,000
c) Repeat default = Ksh 4,000
Possession of invalid ticket Ksh 3,000 per person
Off-road driving Ksh 10,000
Animal harassment Ksh 10,000
Littering inside the park Ksh 500
Illegal grazing a) Cattle = Ksh 200 each
b) Sheep/Goats = Ksh 50 each

Fines must be paid at the rangers office before departing from the Mara Triangle. Please ensure that you obtain a receipt for payment.  Failure to pay fines can result in banishment from the Mara Triangle for a period of six months, depending on the offence.

Help us to protect the Mara Triangle. If you see park rules being broken, please take a photograph of the incident, note the date/time, tour operator, and vehicle license number and send it to Or inform our rangers at Oloololo and Purungat Bridge Gates.

Special thanks to the following individuals for helping with our park rule translation.

Chinese : Ju Helen Wong / Danish : Tine Ronnebaek pederson, Jonna Nielson / Dutch : Ingrid Sermeus / Filipino : Liv Morano-Castillo / German : Bee Tee / Greek : Alexander Sirikas / Italian : Sal Rom, Rasthadan N / Russian : Kornelius Magita / Spanish : Kitty Strydom, Javier Cruz, Ivana Pulitani / Swedish : Kina Lundberg / French : Paul-emmanuel Leroux